Complete Upper & Lower Jaw Reconstruction

If you are currently missing all of your teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw and use a removable full denture, then an implant-supported denture could be the right solution for you. Unlike removable full dentures, which can fit poorly and cause gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves, implant-supported bridges or dentures virtually eliminate slipping and movement, so thereʼs no pain, no embarrassment, and no worries. Youʼll be able to laugh and speak with confidence and enjoy your favorite foods with ease. Your palatal tissue is not covered with denture plastic so everything feels more natural and tastes better.

Experience new freedom with an implant-supported bridge or denture:

  • Maintains integrity of facial structure (helps prevent further bone deterioration)
  • Can increase vertical facial dimension, restoring facial length from loose dentures that collapsed. This return to normal facial length provides a slimming and more youthful appearance to the patient, as though they've received plastic surgery.
  • Increases comfort and stability
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Eliminates need for adhesives
  • Improves appearance (lost lip support restored)
  • Builds confidence in eating and speaking more clearly
  • More natural feeling and improved taste

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