Oral Infections

Because oral infections can cause tooth loss, bone deterioration, and bleeding gums, it is important to treat them quickly and effectively. These infections and injuries can be treated through a number of different methods, including antibiotics, bone surgery, guided tissue reconstruction, and bone grafts. These and many other options are available to handle your specific oral needs.

Traumatic injuries to teeth and/or upper and lower jaws can be treated by various methods in the office:

  • Teeth that are traumatically dislocated from the mouth can be surgically put into place
  • A segment of the upper portion of either jawbone, including one or more teeth, can be fractured and surgically returned to their original position
  • Complete fracture of the jawbone can be reduced to its original alignment and position. Complicated fractures of the jaw require hospital care
  • All of the above-mentioned procedures can be managed with I.V. anesthesia and surgical wiring or braces by an oral surgeon

Sometimes unusual growths occur in the oral cavity or in the jaws. They are sometimes called cysts, masses, lesions, growths, white patches, nevi, etc. Their abnormal or unusual natures require removal by an oral surgeon, then analyzed by an oral pathologist to determine the nature of the specimen. Most times, removal is the most necessary treatment.

However, the tissue analysis and diagnosis by the pathologist will guide any further treatment, if necessary, for more complicated, advanced or dangerous lesions. Early diagnosis of any oral problem, including oral cancer, will in turn allow for early treatment.

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